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Be CareFul, iT's Almost ApriL FirSt SomeWhere!

chuck kottke

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April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day, although not a holiday in its own right, is a notable day celebrated in many countries on April 1. The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, enemies, and neighbors, or sending them on fool's errand, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible. Traditionally, in some countries, the jokes only last until noon: like UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, someone who plays a trick after noon is called an "April Fool".[1] Elsewhere, such as in Ireland, France, and the USA, the jokes last all day. Another origin is that April 1 was counted the first day of the year in France. When King Charles IX changed that to January 1, some people stayed with April 1. Those who did were called "April Fools" and were taunted by their neighbors.



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Like Stokey the Bear burning down half of Canada?:laugh3: (It could happen!!:stunned:) Somewhere something bad is happening at almost any time, any day.. but we can't live our lives in mortal fear, because something bad is happening; best we can do is minimize risk, but not worry ourselves to death about it, as it happens, and the stress from constant worry kills more than the event ever does. (maybe that's the point of April 1, in the modern sense.. )

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Gotta Loveit!:P The Jokes should last all month!!:sneaky::laugh3:

Actually, starting the year on April 1 does seem nicer in a way... Plenty of warm weather to look forward to..


Jokingtime! :laugh3:

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