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Getting to know Sara Thread!


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*dirt off my shoulder* :dozey:


Do you believe Micheal Jackson is crazy? If so, why?? :bigshinyeyes:


Yes, because any man who feels the need to invest in a replacable nose is automatically crazy.


Next question. :smug:

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ho sara:). why is this week a radiohead week?


This week is Radiohead week because Briggins says so.


Do you enjoy the sunny weather versus the winter weather?


Sunny weather is much more better than winter weather. Because it's sunnier.

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do you like this?

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq2s0AhdFE4]YouTube - Nantes (from the Flying Club Cup) - BEIRUT[/ame]


this is even more lovely:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYwmDJigB1o]YouTube - #64.2 - BEIRUT - The Penalty[/ame]

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What other music do you like besides Coldplay?


Um...... that's a toughie. I like some of almost all kinds of music. I even like some country songs, even.


do you believe that killing whales is evil?


...Not really. Sorry.


So we ask you questions and you do your best to answer them?


Good idea :)


That's the idea


do you think coldplay.com will collapse on may 15th?


............................................. :inquisitive:






Are you ever gonna answer these poor people??!


umm, oops? I didn't notice they posted here XD

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Have you ever heard of this great band called Coldplay? :rolleyes:


No, never.


Waaaait, hold on, didn't they do that one song? Vive le Vader or something? :thinking:


will you treat this question seriously?




What do you think of me? :D


You? You're pretty awesome.

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