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Coldplay Military Clothes (on-stage clothes)


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:DI love Chrissy`s Grammy blue jacket...i want , I want...


but I already wear a green cap like Jonny`s all the time!

And i would deff love to wear jeans like Guys...:cool:

I also wear a Jonnycap :D


And Chris' bracelets.


Pity I won't be able to fit into Guy's jeans :uhoh:



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If Coldplay made a clothing line they would go broke :P


Although I do wear a green hat that looks slightly similar to Jonny's a lot. I have a pair of green cargo pants that sort of go with it. Except I'm unfortunately too big for them now :shame:


Except also, the green hat is from the zoo and has a silverbacked gorilla stitched on it XDXD

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