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When was the last time you went out for a healthy bout of exploring? I try to get some exploring in at least once or twice a month. For example, just yesterday I walked around my neighborhood and found the following things, among others:


- A very large brown egret (which I witnessed eating two fish and scratching its head and preening itself and flying for a short distance and also waddling)


- Two rabbits (chasing after each other)


- Three dogs that barked at me


- Many interestingly-shaped rocks


- Several thorny plants (annoying bastards)


- An old cell phone, which was from waay back when Cingular was a seperate company and still partially worked in that you could open and close it, push all the buttons, and it had some wires sticking out that would probably still conduct electricity


- Many, many old cans


- Two pileated woodpeckers (probably a mated pair)


- More squirrels than I knew existed


All in all, a very fruitful trip, especially the egret sighting. :nice:


So when was the last time you explored something? It could be some sort of wild place or if you live in the city, maybe you just walked around a part of town you hadn't been to before. Substitues for "exploring" include climbing trees and discovering new things in general. :nice:

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I love climbing trees but unfortunately now I can't do it so often because a 14 year old female climbing a tree isn't considered so normal. :dozey: Anyway, I still do it when I go to my family's weekend house. :nice:


Exploring in general is interesting and nice. A few years ago I used to go outside every day on my bike exploring the neighborhood.


I like walking, when I'm surrounded by nature, it's beautiful.


My big wish is to go to the mountains/hills/anywhere where I can explore in peace, and stay there for days or weeks. Just being free in general, going where I want to go, when I want to go.


If I remember an interesting adventure or some happens to me soon, I'll write it. :nice:

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I love exploring, and there is so much incredible countryside and architecture round here.


Unfortunately my friends either don't like those sorts of trips, or are too busy with their families :(

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Nick, you are never too old to explore!!! :D


You're right, I've been wanting to explore the North East sometime this year. If I can get the time and money and one of my friends to go I want to go on a road trip to New England and just drive around and look for interesting things.


Only problem is with my campaign starting most my money is going towards that and dress clothes.

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