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All pants should have pockets!!


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Who's with me?


There are so many things most people have these days they have to store in their pockets (cell phones, mp3 players, et cetera) and there are also an increasing number of pants without pockets, or with pockets that don't even function as proper pockets. This is awful, in my opinion.



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Hear hear!! Thats the problem with female clothing.

Like why do they bother sticking fake pockets on pants? Damn the fake pockets, just stick real ones on istead, much less effort, and more functional.

Well thats my 2 cents. well 5, since 2 cent coins don't exist anymore. Hell just make it 10 cents :P

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what my dad says about that....

"no pockets on trousers or in shirts is just a plan to get people quit smoking.... for keep smoking i have to get to use a male bag all the time."


anyways my view point is:

i f*****g hate it when one of my trousers have a fake pocket :angry:

i love it when trousers have long pockets or when the trousers have a lot of pockets :wacky:

because as you say, where do i store my things then? (keys, mobile, wallet..)


but to avoid that, i always check that my trousers have pockets before i buy them, but is so annoying when going to buy new clothes and there's no trousers with pockets. :angry:

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