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In honour of Michael Jackson: What's your fave MJ tune?


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.... and why?



Mine would have to be Billy Jean. I just loved the beat. The moment I heard it, even at the ripe young age of 6 (or so.. ) :) I was in love with that beat. Its such a great tune as well... lyrically as well. Video was so different for the time too...



ok anyone else want to share? I know there are tons of MJ fans out there!! :sneaky:

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Thriller!!! Learned that dance in a class and every year I look forward to Halloween cause they always play that video. I have seen it about a dozen times tonight. I am sorry I never got to see him perform. I have that album on the original vinyl and have the anniversary edition still sealed. There are so many great songs... hard to pick just one!

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Thriller/Bad, leaning more towards Bad


I had to dance to it for a jazz performance when I was 6, what can I say?


They Don't Really Care About Us (not sure if that's the full title or not but my iPod says so) is also a fave.

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For me, it is "Human Nature." It always reminds me that beyond all the dancing and showmanship, the boy could simply sing. Thriller is such a fucking great album. It's amazing and sad how I appreciate it so much more today.

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its amazing how so very few us are genuine fans yet we can all roll off 5 or 6 if not many more songs on the spot. i cant think of many other artists in history who achieved that level of success and popularity.


Beat It is my favourite. a true rock classic by a pop star.

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