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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince movie thread

Black Rose

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^Yes it's pretty :nice:


And awww I feel so special now, it's the first time for me :cheesy:


Do I have to pay something :uhoh:

for those who don't know it's the back cover of Half-Blood Prince book (US edition)



no payment required :nice: (I don't think so anyway :uhoh:)

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I'm obviously biased, but does anyone prefer the british book artwork? I always felt the U.S. versions look much better, not quite as juvenile or cartoony imo.



HBP is by far my favorite of the book covers. so intense, yet so calm at the same time. perfectly captures the mood of the ending (especially the back cover aka my avi)

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Damnit, I was gonna post my thoughts on it here. Beh.


Oh and I didn't really like the US covers, actually. They released them with an "adult" cover a while ago here, I have DH with that cover, the rest are with the British cover.


Also, for some inexplicable reason, I have two HBP copies. lolwut

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Finally got round to seeing this. Very disappointed. They've ripped out the core of the storyline and filled it with fluff. The director has seriously neglected that this is a 7 book arc and not standalone:


What was the point of the burning of the burrows scene? And how is that going to play out with the wedding scene in TDH pt1? Or are they going to cut that crucial scene too?


They cut out the battle scene at the end - because people might get confused with the battle in TDH pt2. Come on really, credit us with some intelligence!!


They cut out the most crucial part of the storyline which was Dumbledores telling of V's history by cutting 2 crucial penseive scenes - the gaunt history and Riddles obsession with Hogwarts history. How are they going to explain the search in book 7, or the reason for the final battle! Seriously neglectful.


And cutting the funeral scene is inexcusable. It's the core part of HP's shunning of the ministry and ending of the HP-GW relationship. But then they spent the film focussing on a secondary relationship of lav&won-won and neglected the HP-GW one. Turning that from an explosion into a damp squib.


The ending was more LOTR than HP. Crap adaptation seriously misunderstanding the core plotlines. If I was JKR - which I'm not obviously - I'd be seriously pissed. Yet again an American dumbing down of a storyline to fit the 12A tag.


The could easily have cut the burrows scene and had time for the funeral & battle.


V Poor. 3/10.

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