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Favorite coldplay band member


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Chris and Will are in my top

Chris because he's funny and hot

and Will because....

Well he is such a badass and I love how Will is the one who tells Chris if something is good or bad :P:P:P:P

But if I had to choose one I'd go with Chris :smug:

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Definitely Guy, for a couple reasons. First and most obvious of all, he is GORGEOUS and very very very sexy. Second, I love Apparatjik! Third, he won me over for good when he looked into my eyes and smiled at the Toronto concert after reading my sign, and nodded when i screamed I love you to him. Fourth, he has great musical taste outside of Coldplay. There are so many other reasons but those are the best :D

By the way, I only love Chris 1/10000 of a percent less. Seriously.

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Chris, because I'm a conformist like that. :P

Second, because I'm a straight male and therefore unaffected by how "sexy" each member is. Awesome power of mine, I know.

Third, because he makes me laugh. True, being up-front gives him many more speaking moments, but in every interview I see him in, he always has some memorable remark.

And fourth, because he's a talented frick and has a hot wife. :lol:

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