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Does Kylie Minogue do the vocals at the end?

- Gabriel

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At the end of the song, before Chris sings a line from the chorus for the final time, there is a very noticeable female vocal part. After hearing Lhuna, I suddenly wondered if this vocalist was actually Kylie Minogue, because it sounds a lot like her voice (granted, the only performance of hers I've heard is her part in Lhuna). I haven't heard any information so much as acknowledging that those vocals are there, much less who performed them, and it made sense to me that maybe they asked Kylie to provide a quick vocal part for the song while she was in the studio recording her part for Lhuna. Any word on this? Does it make sense to anybody else?

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I'm pretty sure it says it on the cd back over. That and I think someone asked the Oracle.


Not a problem though :)


It says it in the Prospekt's March little CD sleeve: (well, something along the lines of)


"Additional vocals on 'Rainy Day' by Emily Bart-Smith"


By the way, I always thought it was Chris singing that bit. But after a few listens, I concluded it is very much a female voice. (:

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