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What have you done with your butterflies?


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I'm sure like a lot of people, I used mine in my scrapbook, but I also based my whole classroom design on them. I used them to turn my classroom into a rainforest of sorts and explained to my kids where they came from and how much I LOVE our boys and their music.



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i collected butterflies! and im GOING to put them all over my room wall soon. :)

and in class our teachers having us decorae these folders with 7 pictures that describe us. im having a coldplay picture as one and im also putting a butterfly on there... even though its not a picture itll be great :D

im jackie btw! :happy:

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i only have 2 at the moment. but they are framed with my poster :)

but next week i'm gonna collect some more. en then ill put they on the wall (i have a tree of stickers (cherry blossom) on there & a mirror on it.) so they they 'fly' trough it.

just an idea :P

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Nice what you've done with them!

What you did was putting the IMG tags around the URL of the picasa album, so it didn't show up.

Right-click on the picture and click properties, there you can see the correct URL for the pic to show up!


oh, its perfect!


I've given almost all my butterflies as gifts by mail. So from the full bag now its left only 5 ones. But the most cool ones!:)

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I put mine in my Coldplay box :P

Unfortunately I only got halves of butterflies, only 2 halves too.. :shame:

I'm gonna have to wait years to get more butterflies now... :shame:

Oh well... :escaping:


Hmmn... don't you think they'll do something different on future tours?


It'll take something amazing to top the butterflies!

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