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Radio1 Jo Whiley Interview, Special live lounge performance and 60 min highlight from Glasgow (16/9)


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Good morning. We're pleased to report that, on Friday 18th Sept, BBC Radio 1's Jo Whiley show will broadcast a Coldplay interview, a special Live Lounge performance from the band and 60 minutes of highlights from the Glasgow Hampden Park show.


Jo's show starts at 10am and you'll be able to listen online, wherever in the world you are.



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Do you think the Live Lounge will be an old one or they're gonna play live that day? :thinking:


Either way it's gonna be a great way to pass some time in the queue and get even more pumped up about the gig..well if someone is be able to bring a radio :P

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Awesome! I think that works out to be 7pm Australian time, so that's heaps good:)


Aww I got all excited 'cause it wasn't some obscene time but then I remember I'm going to my friend' joint birthday party. :cry:

Damn! I always seem to miss out on any sort of Coldplay related live stream. Woe is me. :P


Someone please record this.

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yh is it gonna be a old live lounge ? :P

i cant wait !!!


prob not...if theres going to be an interview prob not..but it might be stright from wembley stadium!!


^ VERY early, I guess after the Friday-gig ends :stunned:


LOL!! wen i went to see oasis they started queing at about 1ish...so hopefully it will be the same. i went the the Q just before they opened the doors and still got into the golden circle!!

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I'm a little bit disappointed.


When Wembely was first announced and Chris called in drunk to Moyles' show (:P) there was talk of Wembley itself being a huge Radio One event, they were talking about Moyles introducing them on stage and there was even a BBC page dedicated to it.


Now they're being stuck on the end of a week of special live lounges and as a warm up to the main event which is actually Jay-Z going round to Jo Whiley's house.


When she announced it the news of the hour from Glasgow was almost an after thought.


Booo, wonder why it has all been scaled back.

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I heard bits of the announcement on the radio today too..she was more excited about having JayZ round at her house :dozey: I didn't catch it all, are they having Coldplay & JayZ play live on the same day from different places..?


Where are CP gonna play live from...? I love them to play from the Bakery..how cool would that be?

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^Ah, yeah that'd make more sense...tnx


..kinda defeats the point of the live lounge tho :( but still should be beautiful stuff. :heart:


She played Strawb Swing as the bed during the announcement today which was nice..but I've yet to hear that song played in full on radio 1...coldpay are a bit neglected on that channel lately..

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