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Coldplay's Next Album/Speculate the Next Album Title!


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Well, on the 60 minutes interview, Chris was working on a Christmas song and he was talking about how it's going to be really good and stuff and it was kind of like a wintery-feeling-kind. :wacky:

Anyways, I have this feeling it will be something like 'Four Seasons', 'Winter Nights', or something like that. :escaping:

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I would like it if the album title would have something with "Night" in it. Can't really think of what exactly it should be called, but "Night" should definitely be a part of the title.


I also got another idea. If they want to go on with that whole Viva la Vida-thing, the album should be called "Chronicles Of Life And Death" or something I like that. I think that just sounds totally cool.

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"Winter Nights" sounds PERFECT. Thanks, MyDearWatson~



You can call me Alyssa if you want, or whatever. :P


Well, keep in mind that there will always be a title track with each album... so think of some songs you've heard about Coldplay writing.


You took the words right out of my mouth :D

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