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Coldplay's Next Album/Speculate the Next Album Title!


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Guest howyousawtheworld

The next album will be called....


Mr Cornelious Tynkler's Beatnik Rhythm Mix



You heard it hear first. :cool:

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^ You won.


That is true, hope it's not a pussy one like the titles I've seen from songs, lulz.


I still think it might be hypnofeed, who knows maybe this time it won't be of a song.

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hypnofeed seems posssible -or something related to it might be as well- I also think LP5 title will be also the name of a song. Hopefully not wedding bells :lol: Honestly, I don't think that song will make it to the album, but what do I know :shrug:

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From Roadie #42:


To borrow someone else's story for a moment, it's claimed that uber-producer Flood earned his nickname very early in his career whilst working as an assistant on an album with The Cure. Legend has it that he was one of two assistants working alternate days in the studio. The two chaps apparently had very different levels of commitment to ensuring a regular flow of hot beverages. Apparently, this prompted Robert Smith to quip that on the tea front, it was "either flood or drought". The two assistants then became known by these names for the remainder of the session.


It's a fair indication of the importance of the almighty brew, that Flood went on to achieve greatness and you don't see the name Drought on the back of many album covers. (Kids, ask your grandparents about "album covers", they were all the rage for a while...).





The name of this album will be: Flood Drought :P or Drought Flood :p

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