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Coldplay's Next Album/Speculate the Next Album Title!


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IMO, this thread is unnecessary, even though I know it's just speculation and all for fun. That's great. But there is indeed a pattern in Coldplay's album titles: they're all called something you'd never guess. Ever. So, methinks LP5 will blow everyone away. We'll all be like, ":inquisitive: What IS this? Why is it called (insert album title here)?" But then we'll hear the album, and we'll realize that the title is pure freaking genius and that it's perfect for the album. It's just how Coldplay work. They'll always do what you least expect, and it'll turn out to be a work of art.

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I agree with the short title theory for this one, but can't think of a name.


may be the name of some random location or some character, would be :awesome: if it fits both.

Thinking of that, and just random idea, will be interesting if they call it Toro. (cause there's a town called like that and a wine here, also the animal).


It will be also :awesome: if it comes out the Day of the Book specially if it'll include Don Quixote one, thought i doubt it'll happen. (but i'd be all :wacky: if they do both and even take part on the youtube's-rae don quixote reading project :nice: to promote the new album, just to hear them speak spanish is so :awesome: )


also i'm thinking may they go flashback mode, as revise their work up to date, and make a short but long title :thinking:

you know like a word: long explanation title.

so they will :smash: the pattern.

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