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[COMPETITION CLOSED] I have two FREE tickets for Coldplay @ Wembley on 19th September courtesy of Ab


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Just received this from Absolute Radio. Please PM me urgently if you're interested or if you know someone from Coldplaying who is. As it is so close to the concert, the tickets will need to be sent to a UK address, so if you can 1) make it to Wembley on the 19th and 2) Don't already have tickets then 3) please PM me and I will pick one lucky winner later tonight. I'm trying to get clarification on what type of tickets these are and details on registered delivery. If there are two individuals from Coldplaying who would prefer one ticket each then please also leave details in your PM of who your 'buddy' is.


Absolute Radio have got a couple of tickets for Coldplay at Wembley this coming Saturday (19th September) and we thought that' date=' as Coldplaying have been so great in Rock-Off and Live Stories, we'd offer them up to your forum. So if you could let me know who you'd like us to send them to, we'll get them delivered over the next couple of days, ready for the gig on Saturday.[/quote']





P.S. If you have entered please make sure you are online in the next few hours to ensure that, if you win, your details are passed to Absolute immediately. If I get no immediate response I will pick the next name out :)


P.P.S. I will update this thread after a winner has been selected :)

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Have you entered?? I thought you'd given up on the idea........................ :confused:


I had... My friend cannot come because she doesn't have the money, so I gave up the idea and lost hope... But if I won tickets, 1. my friend's moneyproblem would be partially solved OR 2. my husband would have no more reason not to come with me :D


Wembley makes me crazy... First I didn't go, then I was so close to going, then again I wouldn't go, and now I'm considering going again... Crazyness :dizzy:

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Is this because the board took part in the Live Stories thing? Or just because they like you? Or did they screw up another competition and have tix left over :P


A combination of Live Stories & for some reason they like him too :D (i think its coz he promotes Absolute a lot!!)

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