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Coldplay.com Has indirectly confirmed the "LATIN AMERICA TOUR 2010" !!!!!??


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Its Wonderfall, I hope really happening and I be there for see the amazing show.


I waiting for...


Espero que se confirme logo, to ansioso pra ver Politik ao vivo de novo,vou ficar louco Radiohead e Coldplay em menos de um ano aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

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south america...


Also while i was reading the liveblog I found this:


"Thanks, as ever. for joining us for the photoblog. It's been ace reading all of your emails. That might be it for the Viva tour, but we've got plenty of exciting things coming up on Coldplay.com over the coming weeks and months (tone of which should be beginning any second now)"


perhaps the things mentioned to happend very soon were the logos that appeared.


I think if they really coming to South America they will be confirming the new leg of the tour soon very soon since they tickets need to be on sale on October or November.


fingers crossed people...

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I was just listening to a radio interview with Chris and radio station DC101 (2009-05-20) and Chris said that after Wembley there might be a Latin America Tour! So at least there were plans!


wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :stunned:


more news !


can you show me where to listen to it?:\ :D

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por fin... coldplay en sudamerica <3


siii,pero quiero verlo confirmado en su pagina,ahi sere completamente feliz,alguien mas habla español,que bien:D


seria bueno que este tema en especial fuece tratado en español,ya que a muchos latinoamericanos nos interesa...digo yo,humildemente...:P



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