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Coldplay.com Has indirectly confirmed the "LATIN AMERICA TOUR 2010" !!!!!??


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Wow! :dance:

That would be amazing!


Of course Wembley would have been the perfect end for the tour, BUT without playing Latin America it's still imperfect in my opinion. :D

I so hope they are doing this tour and make a proper tour not only like, ten dates. I'm sure you wouldn't mind the boys taking a break for a month or six weeks but I SO HOPE they do this tour!



God, even I'm excited right now and there's no way for me seeing them in Latin America. :lol:

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This "Hasta la vista".... I thing something's going on. :D


I really hope they will do a Latin American Tour for you guys. :)


I thought 'hasta la vista' was more along the lines of 'see you later' as in 'goodbye'. But what would I know? I'm not Spanish, geez. xD


I HOPE THIS IS TRUE! I would be so happy for you guys! :heart:

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this is amazing!!! "hasta la vista" does mean "see ya soon" :)

Well this isnt actually the first time they mention the latín american tour, some sources said they Might have this L American tour in november-october this year, which now i totally doubt they will.

but these news from coldplay.com make me believe there's still a chance they come for real :D!!

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