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What We Know Will Be On LP5


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Hm I think you guys mentioned all of the ones I can make out already but here's my list:


Space Symphony

Car Kids

Great Expectations

Lucky Sevens


Wondering Star (not sure if that's intentionally mispelled or if I'm misreading it)



Wedding Bells

Love in a Lethal Dose

Cartoon Heart


Gardeners on the - - - (not sure what the last word is, maybe Frontline?)

Famous Old Painters

Cartoon Head

Spanish Rain

Christmas Lights


Also let me just say that while these song names are exciting we have to remember this was filmed sometime around February so I'm guessing a lot of these ideas will change drastically or even disappear completely before LP 5 is finished.

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LP 5 should not contain the left overs of Viva. I want a fresh new era. This abnd can be incredibly innovative, so let's see what they have up their sleeve.


Lhuna is an average song at best. Wasn't digging it and I don't like that style of singing Chris used in that song, A Spell a Rebel Yell, and in Yes. I like his falsetto. But experimentation is good.



Christmas Lights will not be on LP 5, most likely a separate release.



Let's hope this is not a recycled album. There really is no rush...take the time and put in quality.

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So far, we know:


The album will reflect the band's close bond, and possibly have a story to go with it.


Possible Tracks

1. Christmas Lights

2. Wedding Bells

3. Lhuna (featuring Kylie Minogue)

4. Anything not heard yet from the Viva era (Famous Old Painters, anyone?) or hasn't recieved the Will Champion seal of disapproval

From the South Bank Show:

1000 - 1 (Ballad of ----)

Cartoon Head

Cartoon Heart

Drunks and Guns

Love In A Lethal Dose

Spanish Rain



Possible Album Titles:

just 'Coldplay'

Winter Lights


I haven't heard of half of these songs :wacko:

This is so cool, but yet it kind of ruins the surprise, its like you look but you don;t want to, I dont know how to explain it. :\

But thanks.

And I guess Coldplays new one would be less popular than VLVODAAHF? Weel that doesn't matter much to me :D ... as long as they don't loose their Coldplay style, their style of always being different from everyone else, love them :kiss:

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