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What We Know Will Be On LP5


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LOL Boyfriend, Hook Up...


coldplay is getting really sexy with songs such as Yes & Lhuna. I wouldn't put it past them...


They are going to be sluts!...so excited!:wink3:


Just kidding. lulz.


ha ha, that was funny.


I hope we see FOP go really far, maybe even lead single.

MAYBE it was too good fod VLVADAAHF and PM as well. That'd be great.


But I think the next record will still have a tiny amount of Viva elements, but hopefully going back to AROBTTH era sound

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Yeah! It was on the South Bank Show...


I think that if anything, LP5 will have a Middle Eastern flair in the same way that VLVOD had a Spanish flair like they were saying...meaning not overpowering, but one or two tricks taken from that style of music. I think it would be really cool, but I too am hoping for a real "back to basics" sort of style, simple and classic like Parachutes.



Notice the work in progress art-work on Chis's guitar! A new era is being born!

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  • 2 years later...

My tracklist guess:


Mylo Xyloto

Hurts Like Heaven


Charlie Brown

Us Against The World


Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Major Minus


Princess Of China

Up In Flames

A Hopeful Transmission

Dont Let It Break Your Heart

Up With The Birds



Hey, I got it right :P




Oops, two years too late!


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