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Help me, Chineses are watching me


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So, my bandwith on my photobucket account is exceeded, mostly cause of my sig and Coldplying.com, but I still checked the stats, and I saw that a gif of my account has more than 20000 views in the last 10 days, on a chinese website: sina.com.cn... I checked it but everthing's written in chinese :\


Shit I'm scared now !! :D

They ruined my account, now I can't use it for 20 days, gaaah they piss me off !

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you can't use your account for 20 days cause they've watched that gif so many times? :thinking:


surely they have used your gif on their site or something....

there's any way you can send them an e-mail, asking them to remove that gif linked on their site? :anxious:


is so scary.... :worried: try to write there Spies :uhoh:

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Yes this is scary... how did they find it ? :uhoh:

Yeah they probably use it on their site, but I can't find anything as everything's written in chinese... So is there someone here who understands ?

Yeah I could do that, but I'm not sure they would read it :\

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Hi Perrine.


Don't worry, it's not a big problem!

All you have to do is move the .gif to another folder in your photobucket account or rename it.


You still have to wait those 20 days until you can use your uploaded stuff again, but you certainly don't have to contact that site.

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