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What song exemplifies In Rainbows the Best?


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So I am doing a project for my senior year, w/ graphic design and music. I am going to be using In Rainbows as one of the albums. I'm having difficultly deciding what song would exemplify the album the best.



Make your decision based off of lyrics, mood, feel, texture, etc.



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Reckoner...I mean it does have "In Rainbows" hidden in the lyrics at the golden ratio part of the album. :P


But seriously I think the song captures the feeling of the album somehow. Combines the way that it was delivered to the fans, the surprise in it not being the Pulled Apart by Horses....


Lyrically it showcases the beauty of the album.


Musically it highlights everybodies talents. Great vocals, great drums, etc.

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The lyrics in Reckoner are hard to understand, but if you get into them they are quite deep and meaningful. Thom's voice is like the voice of a mournful, wise and harsh angel, singing with depth, grief and beauty a message to human kind. Then the clean electric guitar, with those weird variations of cords during the break, and the epic ending. Those acurately timed drums, with the amazing cymbal solo plus the other percussion stuff that Jonny plays with a lemon. The piano arrangement is gorgeous, and bass is a miracle, it gives it a soft and watery atmosphere to the song; moreover, Jonny's String arrangements are heavenly. The song is emotion in it's purest sense.

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Haha, creepy.

pun intended? :P





I didn't vote before, but I think that Reckoner definitely exemplifies the album. It's not my favorite, but I think was the song that everyone talked about when the album was released and has a certain feel to it that the rest of the album overall carries

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