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Briggins 20 000th post


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I have been a long time member here. 5 years come December. I guess this means I'm old enough to start Coldplaying school. I've enjoyed this place. I've met some cool people. I've also met some assholes. But in the end even the assholes and I have eventually come to terms and gotten along.


Here are some of my highlights of the forum and some shout outs.


The first Alias Day. What a blast that was. So much crazyness and some true pervyness too. We had murders, weddings, you name it, it happened.


My first thread in the lounge was about how I had no friends or my own big thread. Reilly told me to get some balls, I asked where I could get some, and we were buds ever after.


Eating mods. That was some crazy stuff. Shoutout to Emily (mad hatter or whatever she is called now).


Hot asss. Good times. Love you all, and your hotnesss.


The Coldplaying Committee. Not controversial at all eh?


In Rainbows love. Watching those webcasts, polls, threads, and all the hype leading up to and after In Rainbows in the WoM was a blast. Shoutout to the radioheaders Ella, Nina, Mike, and the like.


Album of the year threads. I love the discussion and controversy that comes out of these things. Although they can be far too predictable. Like if Muse wins this year I will slam my face into a metal wall till it bleeds. Shoutouts to Space Cadet, Nik, and Dave for running these threads and similar album threads.


People who have sent me posters, cds, and butterflies over the years. Much appreciated, you guys are so kind.


And other shoutouts:


Liz - You are obsessed with Guy. But Thom Yorke too. Awesome taste in music and you're super friendly.


Makayla - Also super friendly, super creative, and lots of natural beauty, and always a blast to talk to.


thegloaming909/mike - I don't even want to know how many convos we've had about Radiohead, or how many times we've dissected each album, ranked songs, etc.


Nina - an oldie but a goodie, if she was an appliance she would be a mixer because of her mixtape love.


space cadet - one of my favourite moments on here is when we found out we knew each other in "real life". so random.


rolle - the biggest perv of them all! but also lovely to chat with.


anna1111 - like a coldplaying sister or something. I wish I had your music taste at your age. A great ear for listening when you need somebody to talk to


Lore - pretty cool for a mod. and our birthdays are really close together.


Ren - pretty cool for an ex-mod. you keep me entertained


mc_squared/mark - :rolleyes:v;)


Dave - without dave I wouldn't be hooked on Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and some other excellent artists.


deaths_friend - another great person to talk music with and have great discussions and debates with.


Ian, Jen, and Stephen - you guys have but together a great website. thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the site.


I'm sorry I know there are tonnes of people I've missed. Just a few more shoutouts to Justin, Tracy, Julie, Nathan, Jack, Libbie, Chris


And by this point Lauren, I'm sure you're like "How did he not mention me yet!"


Well "internet girlfriend" I think you are an awesome, smart, hardworking, beautiful, and wonderful person. And also its your birthday tomorrow! So I'm wishing you a Happy Birthday and hope you have a fantabulous day!

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Guest howyousawtheworld

'space cadet - one of my favourite moments on here is when we found out we knew each other in "real life". so random'


What??! Really?

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Yeah, I've had some pretty random moments in my life, but that ranks among the best of them.


"Hey, Sniggirb is really a Briggins. I know some Brigginses. Wait he's from around here... :thinking: :uhoh: :idea2:"




"Um, hey Briggins, weird question, but are you ________?"





And dude, you've so got to give that Muse album another try.


I didn't especially like it at first and now I can't stop listening to it. Once all the pieces in all of their weirdness start falling into place it's really something special, even for them. ...But then I did get into them in the first place because of all the classical influences... But please just don't hurt yourself. I'm warning you ahead of time, it's going to be very high on my list. I love that silly album.


And congratulations on the big post count. Heh... I just passed 5000 and didn't even notice it. So in 15 more years, I should reach this point too... :uhoh2:

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