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7-Mar-2010: Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews/Photos


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Here's a video of the boys while the crowd sang "Cielito lindo."


The sound is really loud, by the way.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO7EX3Vte8I]YouTube- Coldplay Foro Sol 2010 México - Cielito lindo[/ame]


It's cute how Chris sways from side to side and shakes his legs. :lol:


EDIT: Aaaaaand it looks like I posted this video in the wrong thread. It was taken from Saturday's (March 6) concert, not Sunday's. Sorry, guys! :facepalm:

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Here are the pics that i promised yesterday... I saw them and I can't still believe I was there (except because of the intense pain in all my body that reminds that I was in fact there lol), as I said before it was the best concert of my life, I felt that I was in the best place in all the foro sol, exactly at the center but not in the first row, where I think sometimes you only see their feet and you get a pain in the neck for looking above of you all the time :P, I was a couple meters behind where I could see all the stage but at the same time I saw them so close that I could never imagined and I could see the expression on their faces so clear. I always complain about my height (1.75 m. or 5'9") which for being a woman from the central/southern part of Mexico is extremely tall, but at this moment I though "Thank god that I'm so tall" because I could see all the concert almost perfectly all the time, only in certain moments my vision was blocked for so many cameras and cellphones.


Some of the moments that I remember the most:


- In a moment between songs, Guy was standing in front of me, and I couldn't resist and I screamed "GUUYYY I LOOVEEE YOOUUU", but exactly at that moment everyone was very silent... I felt very ashamed :embarrassed:, surely Guy heard me and many of the persons around me turn their heads to look at me... and some guy (a man not a woman) screamed "MEE TOOO" :laugh4:


- The End of Politik... although Politik is not my favorite song (I'm not big fan of the begining of it, although live is awesome), I have always considered the second part of the song my favorite Coldplay moment, and I simply cried on it, I couldn't help it


- In Viva la Vida, hearing directly Will's drum and bell was so cool ( I mean by hearing directly not by the sound of the concert)


- In Yellow, the crowd became extremely crazy (they were trying to touch the big yellow ballons) and the pushing was so intense... at the beginning it was funny but in certain point I felt that I was about to die.


Well there were so many more moments that I remember of the concert (and in fact some even before the concert, stupid funny things that can only happen in mexican crowds), but the list would be so big that I would have to write all night.


here some of my pictures:

















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Lucky you. I wish I could have made it to Mexico, but the timing just didn't work out for me :( Three kids at home and a husband who travels kind of puts a damper on some things. I'm glad you were able to go! :)

I am sorry you didn't get to go :( My husband and I debated for a very long time before we decided to go. We went to both concerts, but Sunday was definitely the capper as we were in General A, not too far from the B-stage. On Sat., we were in the nose-bleed section and only stayed for the first half of the concert. We had a few logistics issues which were ironed out Sun. Anyway, keep the faith! They will be touring again before you know it!

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Some vids I took of the screen:


I have complete DVD, will be uploaded to Dime and coldplaybootlegs.com soon. If you don't do torrents and want a copy, PM me.








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