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Robbie Williams...


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i got his new album Escapology for Christmas and have just started listening to it properly.... its great 8)

also....i think Angels is one of the best songs ever written :roll: and i wanted to see if anyone else likes this guy as much as me!byeeeeeeee! :D

~ hayley ~

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really? i didn't know it was so good


personally robbie williams has become too arrogant for me. i can't listen to him anymore :o


hey funkymonkey..........etc :lol:

i went off robbie williams for ages for that reason...but now i like him again 8) u shud listen to his song... " the world's most handsome man " ...and the lyrics are just SO in-your-face arrogant that i dont think he expects them to be taken seriously, i think its a stab back @ the media or somethin, for makin him out to be arrogant... :shrug: :D


Hello, did you miss me?

I know I'm hard to resist

Y'all can come and help me

Pick the sweetcorn out of this

It's hard to be humble when you're so fuckin' big

Did you ever meet a sexier male chauvinist pig

I'm going to milk it 'til it turns to cheese

Tell your babes in arms and O.A.P.s come and

take a piece of me



If you drop me

I'll fall to pieces on ya

If you don't see me

I don't exist

It's nice to meet you

Now let me go and wash my hand

'Cause you just met The World's Most Handsome Man

The World's Most Handsome Man



Y'all know who I am

I'm still the boy next door

That's if you're Lord Lichfield and Roger Moore

Have I gone up in the world

Or has the world gone down on me

I'm the one who put the Brit in celebrity

Give in and love it, what's the point in hating me?

You can't argue with popularity

Well you could but you'd be wrong, oh


Can you make me laugh and sign this autograph

(Though it's not for me)

Grip and grin, shake and fake, name and shame,

Then I'm out of here

It's not very complicated

I'm just young and overrated .. whoa ..



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