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Hello fans!


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Hello everybody :)

Here is Adriana from Portugal as you can see, and this is the second forum I'm joining in next from James McAvoy's, I think some of you may know him <3

Well, whatever...

Someday in June 2008 I was confortably sit on my couch watching tv. Then, Violet Hill clip appears on and the artist is Coldplay. I thought: I think I know these guys... I don't hear anything about them for so long.

I watched it. I loved it. And I had to listen to it again, and by the way search something more about the band and its songs. I would never imagine Coldplay would be so cool and have such good music.

Now, November 2009, I'm a confessed fan. I'm addicted on them and I don't really care about the plagerism, or the unoriginality they've been accused, I don't care. They're fabulous, nice guys, excellent players and lyricswriters and really close to perfection for me.

And that's it!

P.S.: is there anyone else from PT?

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