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I'm going to make a page on the site entitled 'Good Music vs Manufactured boy/girl/pop idol shit'


Any comments you want to be included then feel free here :wink3:


Let's make a stand people! Who's with me? I don't know about you but everywhere I turn I get an earful of infuriating songs that aren't even good enough to be telephone hold tunes :angry:


This can be our way of venting a bit of fury without throwing the radio out of the office window (or Simon Cowell for that matter - although the higher up the office we are the better in his case)


So, comment away and don't be shy. It's death to the filthy mire that is pop music and the shower of muppets that dissend with it :evil:

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Manufactured = Shite but catchy :/ Much like supermarket/lift/mobile phone musak :)


Death to it all, bring back talent to the charts, and number ones that deserve to be there, not because some agency spends $2 million promoting it...oh and number ones that last more than a week...oh and another thing...BAN teenage girls purchases from counting towards the charts, that will stop Gareth Gates, Westlife et al actually selling enough to warrent a top 10 place :)


/rant off

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