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Pate Party *Bump This Anytime Pate is Mentioned Anywhere*


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How can something that has gross ingredients, looks so disgusting, smells like raw meat, taste so damn good?


Its also terribly fattening, salty and bad for you. But the badder the better.


Ive had like 500g of it in the past few days and thank god Ive run out. Bleeaahgh I dont feel so good... :sick:


So yeah this is a topic. Lemme think. Pate fat is clogging my brain cells.


What food do you like which is bad for you or something


Yeah that'll do.... Breeaaghghhh eeuughh :disappointed:

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The food I eat are all healthy and delicious. :awesome:


Well aren't you little miss perfect :thinking:


goddammit, i want some now :bigcry: but we don't have any.


I feel your pain :cry:


Do you prefer chunky or smooth? I like chunkeh :awesome:

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