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More Coldplay Plagiarism? (Or are they the victims this time?)


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This was intended to be a very tongue in cheek post, but I do think that there are some very strong similarities:


-The lighting, particularly the darkened corners

-The low, yellow-cream colored couch

-The lead singer's legs are crossed

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I am sick to death of some ******(s) coming along every few months and accusing Coldplay of stealing their material.


First, it was Mr. Never Was Satrianni, then Mr. Has Been Cat Stevens. Now we have this new joker no one has ever heard of tryng to make a name for himself. Hopefully, this suit will be dismissed like the other two were.

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Coldplay are sexier. :wink3:That's the big difference.


This is not plagiarism.


This post > the original premise of the thread in terms of stupidity, and that's saying something.







I realise it was kinda spammy but well, I do it to annoy people like you. :P


But it's true! They're way sexier, and classier than the lot in the OP. Sue me! :D


I don't really mind about spam.... and what do you mean with "people like me"?

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