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earth to raven

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Out of curiosity, why do you like Coldplay?


im diverse i guess. i suppose some people just dont have that *coughcoughhinthint*


Happy birthday to both of them :)


Hey hey, she can like Coldplay even though she's into metal or harder stuff. I used to be a pure metalhead before liking Coldplay, you know :P


THANK YOU. :clap:

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Go spread your goth happiness in the Korn or whatever the fuck it's called thread then, you stupid bitch.


to quote none other than KoRN "We got a problem, it's plain to see

B**** we got a problem"


how bout dethklok: "I don't want to have to kill you

They'll find out and I will feel blue"




they arent goth



they are metal.








and you have serious anger issues, my friend.

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Oh come on, just chill people. I was a headbanger myself long ago ( ok not so long cos i saw metallica last night :wacky: ) and there's nothing wrong with listening metal, goth music or whatever. What it fucking annoys me it's the attitude that some indie or metals fans have like " of fuck yes, the genre of music i listen is better than yours so fuck you" not cool yo.


Btw,the first 2 korn albums are pretty good (no sarcasm), the rest is just shit imo.


You may continue now but chill people :nice:

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