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Pic's of Guy's effects!


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"Indeed! Like he asked?"


from the Mike Hill Services Website. (you can also find good pics of Chris and Jonny's rigs there as well




Wow, I never knew Mike's site existed, I believe someone was asking about it a while back and no link could be found. Well it definately puts a few things into place about Jonny's setup that's for sure :). Thanks for the link

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I'll admit I'm not an expert on Bass stuff, but I can't for the life of me hear most of those effects on any of Guy's live Bass parts. can anyone shed some light on when things like the Whammy and/or Flanger are used?

I have to check it out.


I know a effect for sure for some songs.

For the bassless parts in most songs he is using the effect called 'mute'. :laugh3:

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