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Cell Phones Cause Cancer . . ?


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^ You're exactly right, the radio waves that the cellphone receives and sends have no energy at all to cause malignant cells within the body.


You can also prove this by doing a linear regression of specific studies and observations.

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Perhaps not the radiation, but does the plastic phone case out-gas carcinogens? Constant skin exposure might lead to a risk. And while the energy level of radio waves are below infra-red (heat essentially), one wonders if they may disrupt certain molecular bonds, as the resonant frequency of a given bond will oscillate when pulsed with a corresponding frequency of microwave radiation. If that were bonds in the DNA molecule, or hormone molecule bonds, or some other important regulator chemical in the body, I would think there could potentially be some risks, but if double-blind clinical tests are inconclusive or show a low level of correlation between risk and exposure, well then, it sounds like they may be safe in terms of their microwave energy outputs.

But some cell phones do have a vibrator setting, so this might lead to some excitement when placed in a bra! :P


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