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Chris Martin Featured In Q Magazine's: The 100 Greatest Frontmen [SCANS ADDED TO PAGE 3]


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I was on a Green Day messageboard when I spotted this:




On sale 30th March - the one with Liam Gallagher on the cover. :)


I'll definitely be getting this since Chris, Billie Joe and Matt Bellmay are all featured in this issue! :D



Sorry if this has already been posted, but I did search.











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Just seen this tweet:


Ladybugnina RT @outsideorg: Chris Martin in Q on his best front man moment "There are people in the world who don't like Glastonbury, but they tend to be c***s".


Oh and this, seems Chris is number 5:




Is Liam Gallagher of Oasis really the greatest front man of all time?


Readers polls are a bad advertisement for democracy.


The new issue of music Q magazine has a list of the best front men of all time, as voted for by their readers.

Here’s the top 20. Gird your loins


1) Liam Gallagher

2) Bono

3) Freddie Mercury

4) Damon Albarn

5) Chris Martin

6) Matt Bellamy

7) Jim Morrison

icon_cool.gif Bob Marley

9) Paul McCartney

10) John Lennon

11) Robbie Williams

12) Debbie Harry

13) Mick Jagger

14) Morrissey

15) John Lydon

16) James Brown

17) Bruce Springsteen

18) Robert Plant

19) Tom Meighan

20) Joe Strummer


So there you have it. It’s the triumph of Britpop. Not only is Liam Gallagher of Oasis the greatest frontman of all time (official) but we’ve got Blur and Coldplay in the top five. Of all time! And the current crop of Brit rockers Muse and Kasabian see off the claim of Roger Daltrey (with The Who) and Jimi Hendrix (The Experience).


Anyway, the criteria seem quite confused. Not sure if Debbie Harry ever considered herself a frontman. And if she counts, where’s Janis Joplin? Which throws up the whole slightly confusing issue of solo artists. If Robbie Williams and James Brown can be counted as frontmen, then where’s David Bowie and Prince? Or for that matter Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson? And if you start counting them, where do Lady GaGa and Beyonce fit in? And if we’re talking all time, what about Louis Armstrong, Al Jolson and Frank Sinatra. And that’s only going back a century


So, to restore some sanity to this, I have provided an alternative top ten of the greatest band front men and women in the history of rock, only including those solo artists who perform as part of a regular group. And we’re talking live performance here and really fronting the music, which, I think, discounts The Beatles, as obviously great as they were.


Think of this as a public service (and pray that Q’s readers are too young to vote in the general election).


1) Mick Jagger

2) Bruce Springsteen (with the E Street Band)

3) Jimi Hendrix (with The Experience)

4) Bono

5) Jim Morrison

6) Freddie Mercury

7) Liam Gallagher

8) Janis Joplin (with Big Brother & The Holding Company)

9) Robert Plant

10) Roger Daltrey


And actually I accept that Prince and James Brown may be better frontmen than the lot of them, but they are both really solo artists. And hovering at the edges of my list were Johnny Rotten (with The Sex Pistols), Bob Marley (with The Wailers), Iggy Pop (with The Stooges), Peter Gabriel (with Genesis), Joe Strummer (with The Clash), Morrissey (with The Smiths) and David Byrne (with Talking Heads). And I love Debbie Harry too, but I saw Blondie quite a bit back in the day, and believe me, she went a hell of a long way on sex appeal …

OK, I’m battening down the hatches now. You can tell me what you think. Just remember … this is NOT a democracy!



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