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The BORING but Unbannable thread.


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Seeing as how there's no Coldplay news for a long time, and now the few interesting people in The Lounge have been banned, I guess there's nothing to do but sit back and be bored. No swearing, no bashing Mark or Ian, in fact, talking is only allowed if it's in whisper form. This forum will remain this way until Coldplay makes more announcements about LP5, then we are free to turn into fangirls.


Fall in.



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There's plenty of fangirl softcore porn on the Coldplay section, Nick.

I can't look it at those, it's inappropriate.


Oh wait, Mark's behavior is encouraged...I guess I can.


we'll end just having game threads.

It's not like rating 10 for everyone's signature ever gets boring. :)


Hi. :) How Are You? :)

Good how are you? :)

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The family's grand. :) How is the weather?

Ah lovely. The weather is terrific, a nice median 53 degrees with some sunshine and just a bit of cloud overcast. Not too extreme in any way, as everything should be. How about you? Do you have any exciting spring plans such as picnics or sitting out in the sun? :)

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