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6,831,867,418 people in the world


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I forgot I clicked on EternalMoonwalk as well as the earth site, was wondering why Billie Jean started playing over all these statistics about death and overpopulation.


Of course it can't be accurate, it's probably a daily estimated average spread into random amounts, but it still gives an idea, and I like the site.

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I like the site.

There must be something wrong with those statistics though. How come that 1 person dies in France every 59,8 secs and 1 person dies in my country (Colombia) every 2,1 minutes?


EDIT: wait, maybe is because of the population?

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Seeing all the CO2 emissions was quite shocking. Although China was releasing it the most frequently each person only emitted 4 tonnes of year, whereas most other countries released around 9 tonnes!

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