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Do you have any pets?


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I have bad experiences and I'm just scared of them :uhoh: it's like they're planning something agains me all the time :anxious:


when I only had two guinea pigs left and they'd lived together for years, when the older one died because she was so old, then the other one died like a month later because of grief :disappointed: my love wasn't enough :cry2:


aw I see. I know a guy who feels like that too. Everytime our cat walks by he's like :wreck:


nooooo that's sad! Poor you and poor guinea pigs :disappointed:


thanks for them :)


you have a photo of Yoko Uno ?


No I dont :disappointed: she was grey with white stripes and she was a pretty small cat :wacky:


Oh my god, I just freaked out a bit lol those cats of yours are absolutely gorgeous! :heart:

Cats are the best pets I swear.


waaaa :awesome: I have to say that I agree :smug: haha


cats are the best :bomb:

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Hitler cat! We just adopted another cat that my brother dropped off because his cat is trying to kill it. I call him hitler cat.




But he won't leave me alone. He literally follows me around all the time and waits outside my door at night. Whenever I sit he lays in my lap, whenever i stand he lays on my feet. I'm not a cat person.


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So you know how to ride? :surprised: I couldnt have guessed that actually :wacky:.


I used to have horses when I was younger :anxious: but it's been ages since I been on a horse now :bigcry:. I wanna start taking lessons at a riding school again but it's so expensive.

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cats freak me out :anxious:


I used to have 5 guinea pigs, all gone now though :disappointed: I'm gonna get a bunny next year though :drunk: I loooooove bunnehs

BUNNEH! Join the sect :mellow:


Just give the pilot a big fat fish and he'll take care of everything :nice:


Dood, get a horse :bomb: horses rock! I miss riding :disappointed:

I want a horse too! :disappointed:

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and then I'll teach them to drive cats away :evil:


ohhhh i really want to get a Wels Corgi at some point though, i looooove those :blush:



demm cutiesssss <3




Awwwwwwwwwww! :cheesy: Their legs are a bit short though ... I want dogs that can ruuuun, ruuuuuuun, ruuuuuuuuuuuun. :sneaky:


I have 2, fear my army!


I have two guinea pigs, you fear them! :snobby:

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