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I want to get into MIT


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Why not?


WTF do you mean why not. Coz I'm not taking private violin lessons and building robots and shit, that's why not!


Jebus. Can't do shit in this fucking state. I mean if I could get college credit while in high school I fucking would but none of the colleges nearby will let me, the little fuckers. And hell I would do robotics too, sounds awesome enough.


I mean the people who get into MIT have like perfect SAT scores (which I could theoretically get mind you, just like 50% of perfect-scorers are rejected) AND build robots AND work in labs (tried that too! jebus) and all sorts of shit.




Junior year coming up. NEED TO GET TO WORK. LAZY SARA! BAD SARA!


(I had some caffeine and I feel pathetically motivated right now, plus I'm getting the scores from mah first SAT by email in a few hours. So I was thinking about college and did more research on getting into MIT and I have a LOT OF WORK TO DO)






edit: Also Dfit I don't like you so shush. Senseless threads are more interesting than regular boringshit threads anyway.

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Try the best you can with MIT, but there are a lot of other schools out there that offer the same things.


Good luck getting in! :D


Oh, I know there are tons of schools that are just as good... just recently MIT has been like stamped in my mind as the golden pedestal/ultimate university or something. Not sure why. Their faculty is amazing, that's probably why.


Thank you. :nice:





...I'm not sure why I made this thread anymore lolz.

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You needed to cheer up.


Yeah, a little.


Well I'm not really unhappy... just... I have to start working toward college all of a sudden and it's like... urgh I'm such a grownup. :sad:


You should stop acting as if you'll never get in,

I guess with something like this you would have great amounts of self doubt but

you're fucking intelligent, scarily intelligent.


Good Luck with it.


hahahaha, thank you a lot :heart:





:wacky: Coldplaying's so fucking supportive. I love you all. Except for a couple of you, a couple of you are annoying, but most of you are awesome.

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