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I Ran Away - 1,2,3... Will!


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So, I was listening to 'I Ran Away' on my headphones today, and I noticed that in the beginning Chris says '1, 2, 3... Will!'.


Has anyone else noticed this?! I always thought he just said '1, 2, 3...' but I have never listened to the song with headphones before :D


Anyway, I thought it was kind of :cool: Will got a mention. Also, does anyone know if this is the only other track where Will has a drum solo at the beginning? (The other being 'In My Place').

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I always thought for some reason he was saying "1, 2, 3, well..."

But Will makes a lot more sense.


I'm actually kind of surprised you didn't hear it until you heard it through headphones. I heard it the first time I ever listened to it at all.


Ha, yeah me too really! I think I just had the volume too low I guess. I always heard the '1, 2, 3...' and then the drums. :lol:


Headphones do wonderful things sometimes! :thumbsup:

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Yip, I noticed it, but also not until I listened with earphones.


I recently purchased a "little black book" of songs which just lists the chords and lyrics for almost all the songs through X&Y, and the lyrics in there say "well" instead of "Will". But there's a bunch of other lyrics that are wrong in it too, I don't know what cracksmoker proofread it.


And if there's any doubt, there's always trusty ol' "Recordings" section on coldplay.com where you can look at all the lyrics. :D (And yes, it says "Will" there.)

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Yah! It´s a mix of "Will" and "well", but I say it´s "Will"

Chris always has something to say in many songs in the introductions or before solos or something.

In till kingdom come, he says "one, two..."? Or another thing?

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