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I have a question.


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So are people just getting banned now based on the possibility that they may be Nathan when they make an account?


Not really just Nathan. If there was a confusion then PM me the username and it will be unbanned . It's just that he has created 20 accounts to come back after he got banned months ago so if it's not a normal spammer then it's usually Nathan with a new account. I still don't get what's the point of coming back when you've been banned for good. Oh right, one of the reasons is cos he can't get to talk to any of his friends here awww but wait, i think I saw a few tinychat caps and there's this little thing called MSN where people talk and keep in touch?


The whole coming back and endless accounts just plays pathetic to say the least when you're obviously in touch with everyone using msn, tinychat, ect. Some of you don't know why he was banned in the first place? Fair enough. He created a thread to insult Ian ( he called him a pedo i think) and asked him if Mark was giving him oral sex or something and why did he do that? Well, he was bitter because he couldn't see mark's posts anymore and he wanted to get banned. ( yes, you created that thread and THEN you got banned Nathan, not the other way around. ) And to be fair, all that shit drama was annoying and he deserved that ban but i would've banned or warned Mark at least too .. i had many differences with Mark in the past but at that time there was not a strong reason to ban him and i think he should've received the same treatment as Nathan ( not being able to see Nathan's posts that is) before all that shit started.


If you people forgot about all that crap then let me refresh your memory with a post a i made.






Even albie( i think only reillo or any other oldie around will know who this is) had a bit more of class and will go away when he got banned but waaaaaaaait! Being bored is reason enough to come back over and over and over again cos there absolutely NOTHING else to do, right? Sure, i know nathan's typical answers saying that he doesn't give a shit what i think but coming back to a forum where you have been banned multiple times is really pathetic. IMO.


One thing i hate is how you pretend to be someone else like the first time you got banned and posed as a teen cp fangirl. I wish i could post a link but i think those threads are in the bin so i'll post some screen caps instead.







Way to go freako! :lips:



Btw, I don't think julia ever banned you so stop talking shit about her in public and send her an apology over PM. I banned you many times now but it's not only me . You'd be surprised to know that other mods have banned you at least once too. This is the last time i'll explain myself here.


Ps. No Nathan i don't hate you, i dislike you for the shit you started months ago and you never did anything to make me change my mind about you and i honestly don't care and this time i won't be the one banning you. Just be here and play your pathetic role in a forum that got you banned at least 20 times. Life is great when you get attention online eh?

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Well I've been saying it was either Julia or You, but I assumed you were gone, so that led to Julia.



I would feel kinda bad about you making that post when I really don't give a shit about any of what you said if you weren't a bit of a douche :nice:


Also don't see what me doing last year has anything to do with now? But it's awesome that you remembered :blush:


I only pretended then because I thought it would be fun to try and see if I could fool people, turns out it WAS fun, YAY!

I was gone yes but then i said " Wait, why should i be gone for good when i haven't been banned or started shit there?" . If you have a bit of class then you should PM Julia saying you're sorry, she really did nothing here.


Oh right, i'm the douche because i constanly rant about how i hate others on MSN the min someone throws the name of the person i dislike eh? I honestly don't give a shit about your rants about me cos i actually have a life that keeps me entertained when i turn off the pc but i know you do care about what others think of you so please quit playing the bad ass here guy ( wooo wallace wells)


Aww i never forget about guys posing as teen fangirls on a forum and talking about themselves in the third person..ermm wait, that only happened with you so 1 person its not really hard to forget, is it? :kiss:


Alright! I'm glad you had fun! YAY FOR SPLIT PERSONALITIES!




Also I'm only coming back because, I am a little bit pathetic atm, I'm not quite moving out yet (I do that next month) so I literally do not have anything better to do.


Plus it's annoying when I all I've been doing since I decided to come back is contribute in forum activities, I was running Ustream things etc, which was just annoying when I got banned from them.


But hey, I should be like Albie and leave a forum forever, cos then Ren might respect me!

You really have no idea how lucky you are for having so much free time in your hands and being able to do anything you want other than staying up till 4am your time posting on a forum where you've been banned 20 times. But if you see it my way, it's quite pathetic. No offence.


Want me to tell you a secret? We have friends in common right? I got PM's from some of them asking me to ban you cos you need to deattach from this place and do something else instead. But anyway, i think i saw you calling a few people morons and then using Rolle's account to post? Not cool bro, not cool.


Oh yes, i'll be a Nathan fanboy if you manage to stay out the forum for more than 12 hrs :heart:

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Is Nathan the new Albie? I haven't been on this forum in sooooo long..




On another note, I really don't see the point in banning Nathan. It's seeing incredibly pointless because he is still going to come on here anyways, so why are mods taking the time to ban him over and over again... just curious.

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On another note, I really don't see the point in banning Nathan. It's incredibly pointless because he is still going to come on here anyways, so why are mods even taking the time to ban him over and over again?

It just takes one click and it's super easy when other users send us PM's or report the posts, that's all it takes.


But, imagine you're the one who got banned. You'd have to find a proxy cos your ip would be banned, then you have to create an email account, fill it then activate it then you have to come here and register and check the confirmation email and finally post.


One click that takes literally 1 sec vs. all the process i mentioned above. ( and he has done it like 20 times )


Btw, cool Johnny avi :nice:

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