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Happy Birthday Valleyboy!


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Awwwww, thanks a lot you all. :blush: Oooh, i'm so happy now. :D You guys rock my socks! lol

Okay... hmmm... :idea2: yeah, my bday just started, but i already had tons of fun. First of all, when i woke up my aunt brought some food from mcdonald's, so i had to make that huge sacrifice and eat it. :D

Then my mom and my uncle gave me their presents, a travis Dvd called more than us where there's a full travis show live at glasgow, great stuff. Also, a radiohead dvd called meeting people is easy, which is really great too. Oh, and i also got an oasis cd called familiar to millions, a 2 discs album with a live concert on wembley. so good, i'm listening to it right now. hehe :cool:

Now, i have to wait for a few mins before my gramma that lives far away from here comes visit me. I never really saw her, but oh well, she's rich. lol so i think i might get a cool present. :rolleyes: :D

Oh well, that's pretty much all i did till now. :P lol

And thanks again people! You are the coolest!!! :)

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hahaha thanks a lot girls! and no, you're not late! it still is 11:25pm here. :D


And ren, i tried to get drunk today. lol but i wasn't really able to do that. you see, i tried to drink, but beer tastes so... hmm... bad. lol sorry all you ppl who like beer, but i just cant like that weird thing. lol ppl say you have to get used to its taste. oh, i dunno.


and whoa, i had such a lucky day! my gramma gave me enough money to buy a brand new bass!! yay!!! :cool:

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