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Happy Birthday, Julia (Gitta Rensolo)! :D


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Juuuuuulia! :dance:

Happy birthday, my dear! :blush:


I'd post a whole lot of crazy pics again, but I already did that last year, so I'll just leave you with the promise of a big birthday hug in 6 days. :sneaky:


Hope you have a wonderful day! :heart:

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Heyyyy Imke thank you sooooo much:blush:


I am looking forward to that birthday hug then....only 6 days:dance:


And thank you to all the others who've congratulated me....you're all so sweet:kiss::hug:


well and about my day:

This has been the most depressing birthday I have ever had (so far). I went to work woho and even forgot most of the time that it is my birthday.

Usually your birthday is the day in the year where you feel super special and stuff. But today I feel rather unimportant and lonely. All the people I love or who mean a looot to me are anywhere else than here.

I feel so stupid for making a depressing post in my birthday thread, but I can't help it.

This day made me realise that I don't care about presents or whatever too much. I just want people who love me around me and get at least a hug by them.+

Well, fuck.

My best friend sent me a letter with a bracelet and I wore it at work and it broke after some hours....and she has told me some minutes ago that it wasn't even a cheap one, but I didn't tell her that it broke...I just couldn't-....:sad:


I will go out and have some drinks with some friends in about an hour. Those are the people that are left here and I like them....but I don't see them too often and they certainly don't mean as much to me as other people do who live at other places....

I think I will get drunk....


I can't believe I am crying my heart out on my birthday! Omg I feel like psycho Jools Deutschland now....I am stuck.


Well, This is a really depressing start for a new year haha.....but I hope so much that this year will be a happy happy year and my birthday will be a super happy birthday next year. I hope it will be a happy year (finally).



erm sorry guys....

I just need some love

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Aww, Jules. :hug:

I'm sorry to hear that, but it's not always going to be this way. You're super-special and even if your loved ones weren't around today, they were still thinking of you and you'll see them soon. :hug:

I hope you have fun tonight and please don't get too drunk, haha. :hug:

/cheesy post

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