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The Underrated Songs?

Strawberry Swinger

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What are the most underrated Coldplay songs in your opinion?


Dunno if there is a thread like this, hope there isn't...


Here's my list of the songs that I think that should have been singles/released on an album/played live more often...



Only Superstition

I Ran Away

Crests Of Waves


Ladder To The Sun



Warning Sign

A Whisper


Square One


Cemeteries Of London


Death And All His Friends

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The other night people were really surprised when I told them Spies was my favourite song. I'd do anything to hear that live!! :(


Others on your list I'd want to hear more often are all the songs at the end of AROBTTH!! Daylight, Amsterdam, AROBTTH..... One more song I find underated is High Speed.... great song, love the bass in it.

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hahahahaha nisam video da si iz Hrvatske! pozdrav za suseda! :) :) :)

i razumem zasto te podseca na narodnjake (koje mrzim) ali meni se svidja jer je bas uvrnuto. :)



I find Yes to be a cool,twisted song... the lyrics are awesome and Chris sings so low... :)


Da, mrzim ih i ja. Thats why I dont like "Yes" if there wasnt that part I'd like it more.

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I wish Speed of sound wasn't on the album. To me it's such a pointless song. The text is ridiculous, the musuc is such a dull copy of Clocks... IMO, they should have used Square One as the first single....


I agree that it probably shouldn't have been the first single. But disagree about it not being on the album. IMHO Speed of Sound is still a tune; even if you see similarities with Clocks. It still works as an album track (not a single)

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