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Chris Martin & Jonny Buckland to premiere Christmas Lights on BBC Radio 1 and XFM tonight (1st Decem


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you can "listen again" on XFM as well.
Ok, thanks.

Then let's just say I don't trust XFM as much as the BBC when it comes to things like this. :)


I'm playing Radio1 silently in the background and tell myself I can learn my stuff for tomorrow until later. (self-deceit :\)

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any bets on coldplaying crashing? I wonder if my new Borg shield will work this time.


Oh it's going down, no question :lol:


I think coldplay.com itself could crash...remember when it did in 2008 after the "Viva la Vida" release? (I think it was that...:thinking:)


At least I have complete faith in iTunes to stay up and running.

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