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Chris Martin & Jonny Buckland to premiere Christmas Lights on BBC Radio 1 and XFM tonight (1st Decem


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If you want to hear it online (XFM) and it doesn't work just fill in a postcode of England like I did and then it will work :) e.g. N10AF (london)


:dance: yay Radio interviews! and thank you about the postcode, I didn't know that!

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I wonder if this would pass as a legit excuse to skip my 2:30 class this afternoon? "I'm sorry, Professor, but it's the first official Coldplay release in almost 2 years and I CAN'T MISS A MOMENT OF IT!" :P


... nah, it probably won't work :disappointed:

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Does anyone else think that this is something really big? Coldplay have never made a release of a christmas song a big deal, other than putting it on the website. Making this (what seems to be a) spectacular video, and going on radio shows, I have a feeling they're going to announce something else. Hopefully a tour, or a release date or something. Maybe just wishful thinking.

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