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Misses better than the hits


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It seems like a lot of widely known aren't even the best song on its album...like to me it seems like theres so many Coldplay songs that don't get attention (from people other than us Coldplayers...). So just say a "Miss" that you think is better than a Hit.... like:


Lovers in Japan > Clocks




I feel like Clocks was deemed the best song of AROBTTH when it really wasnt, although it was a great song anyways...

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hmm thats interesting, i disagree because i actually do think vava was the best on the album, but their were so many incredible songs on that album including DAAHF so its hard to pick a favorite


i used to only like the end of DAAHF but im starting to really like the beginning too, and the LRLRL version is so awesome at the beginning with nothing but Chris singing

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I honestly don't like Viva all that much in comparision to the other songs :uhoh: It's great and very powerful live, though. Especially with the "ohohohohoh".


what about A Rush of Blood to The Head better than God Put A Smile Upon Your Face? (even though it wasn't technically a single but it does have a video :P)

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o ya i definitely think AROBTTH is just a little bit better than GPASUYF, but no way is Yellow worse than Sparks!! sparks is great too but Yellow was probably the most important song for Coldplay's career and it was Flipping brilliant

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