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An Airplane Carried Me To Bed - Sky Sailing

The Giant Leaps - Sailship

The Best Thing About Me Is You - Sailship

Ocean Eyes (Deluxe Edition) - Owl City

a Nintendo DS from my sister (holy crap)

a Coldplay shirt

a Garfield book


some candy

some Charlie Brown books



















A LAPTOP :wacky:



It's scary how much I got this year, I never have Christmas presents with a total value of over like $30. :freak:


I want a telescope. :surprised:

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I got a Kit-Cat Clock :cheesy: It's the black cat with the eyes that go from side to side and the wagging tail :wacky:

And a ton of games and gift cards, and a Three Keyboard Cat Moon tshirt (MEME OVERLOAD) and a subscription for Science Illustrated and a poster with the periodic table :wacko: And Here Comes The Indian :charming:

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Ha, Gena- our gift givers must shop at the same place- I got a cold too !:dozey:


I have been treating mine with massive doses of bourbon -laced eggnog:drunk::freak:





Bourbon laced eggnog?




Sounds good to me.


Alas... I am 19 ... and this is America .. no Bourbon for me.


Ricola and Sudaphed will have to do :P


Merry Xmas and get better soon!

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Sneeze-on's greetings??:rolleyes:




The best way to spread christmas cheer... is bringing a sick 3 year old with you and your granddaughter to spend the weekend in your trailer park and get her and her 90 year old grandfather sick in time for the 24th because your so selfish you want to bring the kid with you even though it gets everyone else sick.



....Im pretty sure thats how the song goes.


yay Christmas :shifty:

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