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The "Relate Everything Back To Coldplay Game"

ViVA Child

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Nobody's doing it? Well...I guess this one's pretty hard...fine, I'll just do it...

The Banjo Kazooie game that my siblings play on the Xbox has really annoying music on it. What else is annoying? When my brother turns off my music in the middle of a song. Most likely the song that he will have turned off is a Coldplay song.



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My friend and I made a pudding drink. It was really good! On theday we made that Pudding drink we also listened to music. One of the bands we listened to was Keane. Keane is coming to Thailand in October, Coldplay's last album was released in October!



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Doorknobs are on doors. Some doors need doorknobs in order to be opened. Some people need to listen to Coldplay in order for their minds to be opened to release the creativity within them. Therefore, Coldplay are like the doorknobs of the mind!



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