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The "Relate Everything Back To Coldplay Game"

ViVA Child

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Ahh! ;) Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, forms the genome. The genome is the genetic code that makes up who we are. Another non-biological code is the Baudot code. X&Y uses the Baudot code on its cover. Square One also has the line "deciphering the codes in you."


New word: pyramid

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I was just wondering if there was this type of thread!


A hall is a venue at which to play music

Coldplay recorded parts of GS Live 2014 at the Royal Albert Hall in London and Royce Hall in LA

Sorry, my creativity there is lacking haha ;)


New word: Notebook

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Hmmm... an elevator allows you to travel up and down inside a building. If you like, you can defy Gravity and go all the way up to the top floor. This allows you to truly get A View From The Top. At night, the view could look similar to lots of Xylobands in a dark stadium. :D


New word: window

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Throughout one's life, windows open and close. And I don't mean those in buildings, but I mean the opportunities that arise and may shortly after be gone. This made me think about Coldplay's career and how they used the window opening up to them in the late 90s post-Britpop era to prove the world that they can create damn good music. It also makes me think that later on, after Viva, there was a window open for them to stay on the same artistically deep level, but instead they chose the stadium pop path, and I'm afraid that window has now closed on them. :(


Anyway, new word: lemonade

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Quite a few band photos have the 4 of them sitting next to each other on a couch :D


New word: pizza


By the way The Adversary, may I ask you to explain how lemonade relates to A View From The Top ? :D

It doesn't. That's the beauty of it. (Or alternatively, it sounds like it was recorded through an empty lemonade bottle :rolleyes:)


Coldplay ordered Pizza for fans waiting to buy tickets overnight for the MX tour :)


New Word(s): Orange Juice

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I'm sure that a Scientist wluld agree that if one eats too much pizza, then they are doing something that is bad for their health. Listening to Coldplay is good for one's health!! :D I'm being serious... couple of years ago a study listed Strawberry Swing as one of the most relaxing songs ever recorded. If something is relaxing, then it helps relieve stress, which is good for your health.


New word: officer


EDIT: my mistake, why didn't I see the post before mine?!

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LOL, I know that study ! :D

Wow, did Coldplay really order the pizza ?? Where have you read that ? Did that really happen ? :shocked2:


Officer...So this made me think of Sergeant Pepper, the Beatles album. The Beatles have been recording in the Abbey Road Studios. Abbey Road is a street in London, and I believe it is close to another street called Violet Hill.


New word: desk

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In my math class I sit at a desk. Since I'm taking a calculus class, a lot of the work involves equations that often include an x and a y. :x&y:


Just to be fair I'll use The Adversary's word as well (orange juice). Orange juice contains Vitamin C. Coldplay starts with a C and a very early Coldplay song was titled Vitamins. :D


Next word: lightning

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Cool, about that pizza thing !


You can smash a ball in tennis or table tennis. Another sport is football, and according to the Timeline the band and their touring staff regularly played against each other during the Twisted Logic Tour. Also, Jonny is a big fan of Tottenham Hotspur.


Next work: yoghurt

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This hasn't been touched in a while! *Touches*


Let's see... Yoghurt

Remove the h and it turns into yogurt

Yogurt can contain berries (fruits in general)

Berries... Berry... Now where have I heard that before ?


Guy Berryman

He is in Coldplay


I could also go off on a limb and say that yogurt is delicious and so is Guy (or Chris... Or all of Coldplay) ... But that's highly subjective.

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1984 is a book that talks about a dystopian world ruled by a government that watches your every move. Mylo Xyloto was set in a dystopian world and ruled by Major Minus who has got "one eye watching you and one eye on what you do."



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Peppermint is related to the word pepper. Pepper can also be a name, as in Sgt. Pepper. On the album Sergeant Pepper the Beatles wore colorful costumes. The Beatles'costumes are similar to the costumes worn at the Brit Awards 2005 by a band called...Coldplay !



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