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Egyptian Uprising


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I like that - Egyptian state TV, Nile, for humor! :laugh3: I can just imagine what they're broadcasting..

What I am hearing from Democracy Now is that the generals may side with Mubarak, but people in the military are neutral.

Mubarak's security forces and paid thugs have arrived to create chaos and threaten the demonstrators as we have all seen - one might only expect as much from a dictator who still clings to power even when the broad majority of Egyptians have given him notice to leave ASAP.

Wrestling control from the global corporate plutocracy is another matter; but with enough pushing, the U.S. and European Countries will have to accept that the era of supporting dictators for favorable deals is over and corporate interests must take a back seat to our highest ideals as democratic nations. For we the people support the Egyptian people wholeheartedly, and stand firm in our solidarity with those fighting for democracy and liberty in Egypt at this very hour.

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On Danish TV2 News it was said that up to 1,500 people had been wounded.


A reporter from Danish television (DR1) was reporting via the mobile phone then surrounded by pro-Mubarak elements asking him to stop reporting. Then he was hit in the face a few times, but he is okay now.


Some Swedish reporters were arrested by the army, but later released.


It does not look good.



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A CNN reporter was punched in the head, and so was a danish DR1 reporter yesterday.


On CNN it was mentioned that people were allowed to leave the square, but not to return. Earlier the pro-Mubarak elements were allowed to come and go without any problems.

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Al Jazeera reported that what the Egyptian people see on TV is quite different, since they are only allowed to watch Egyptian State TV. Sounds quite Orwellian, being limited to only one news source, and no doubt one with an agenda!

(edit)- I certainly hope Obama is sending his message loud and clear to the Egyptian military! Thanks Briggins ;-)

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Police ID has been found on some of the pro Mubarak supporters.

Journalists have been beaten by thugs.


Why governments around the world are just sitting by and watching and just saying here and there 'hey that no good' is beyond me.

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CNN: Human Rights centres attacked by secret police and employees arrested.


A video was shown on CNN: A car drove at high speed through the square hitting a few people. The car disappeared without stopping.


Troops have gone in between pro-Mubarak elements and anti-Mubarak protesters.


CNN showed the Prime Minister's press conference where he addressed the crisis. He called the violence on Wednesday deplorable. He pledged a full and deep examination into events where at least 800 were wounded and at least 3 died. He said that he had no knowledge of the pro-Mubarak people - who they were.

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Time to put some pressure on our elected representatives - President Obama, your Senator, and your Representative in the House need to hear from you right now!

Contact Elected Officials: USA.gov

Contact the White House | The White House

And if you are lucky enough to have a Senator or Representative on the Defense Committees, please contact them now about stopping military aid to Egypt, unless Mubarak steps down immediately and open & fair elections are held in Egypt:

Subcommittee on Defense

Armed Services Republicans


We put these people in office, we need to send the message loud-and-clear that we want action taken against the despotic Mubarak regime, and full support of the Egyptian citizens in their quest for democracy in Egypt.

Follow up with contacting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, if you like:

Contact Us at the U.S. State Department

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Indeed Mubarak had done just that. However the ploy he's tried has been disclosed in the media, though Hannity and Coulter seem unable to spot the obvious.

I find it interesting that, according to one source from GritTV, the internet service in Egypt was cut simply by Mubarak contacting the U.S. firms with operations in Egypt (Comcast, ATT, and I think Verizon were mentioned, but recollection is a bit imperfect)..

Who needs to go to the place where the cables come up out of the ocean and shut down the main, or ask the U.S. heads of state, when you can just phone up the big companies and tell them you want the internet turned off? Not surprising to see big U.S. corporations collaborating with Mubarak - with a U.S. policy that works for the big multinational corporations and against the will of the people, propping up dictators and monarchs all over the world. I just hope the Egyptian people can differentiate between what we here as citizens want, and what these big powerful corporations do.

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Notes from news media on 3.3.11 in relation to the Uprising in EGYPT:


At least 5 died during the night. A foreigner is said to have been maltreated to death - the Guardians blog.


LATEST DEATH TOLL according to Egypt's Health Ministry: 13 and 1,200 injured. Source: The Guardian.


Several journalists have been attacked yesterday and today in Cairo- some were arrested and later released.


A Swedish reporter / journalist from Swedish SVT, Bert Sundstroem, was arrested. SVT editor, Robert Wistroem, called him at 14:15 to get a report from the TAHRIR Square. An Arab voice said (the conversation was recorded on tape): "Your man is in the charge of the Egyptian government, the military. If you bastards want him, then come and get him". Then the man hang up. No more connection.


According to Swedish SVT there has been issued a SECRET ORDER to the EGYPTIAN MILITARY / ARMY to ARREST ALL FOREIGN JOURNALISTS / REPORTERS so that peace can soon be restored in Egyptian streets. According to the regime, the foreign journalists / reporters have stirred up the crowd and incited them to rebel. It has been insinuated that some of the foreign reporters and journalists are Israeli and US spies.


Danish text-TV: Pro-Mubarak people have taken Hotel Ramses Hilton by storm. The hotel houses the foreign reporters / journalists.


A Danish reporter confirmed the shift in mood towards foreign reporters / journalists in the Danish news. She used to have tea in a public place and could talk to people - but now other people are hostile towards her and her colleagues. The Egyptian media have brought about this hostility towards foreign reporters.









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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSBJwsjakcg&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Mona Seif, Egyptian Activist from inside Tahrir Square[/ame]

"Passionate message from Mona Seif on Al-Jazeera. You must listen to this."










Hackers Take Down Government Websites in Egypt and Yemen


In a protest against Internet censorship in Egypt, hacker group Anonymous took down the sites of the Ministry of Information and President Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic Party on Wednesday. The National Democratic Party’s site is still offline.




Source: Mashable




A police car running over the protesters in Cairo.


"I understand that this could be too much for some people to see, but this is reality right there. You can’t just close your eyes or look away from such images. This is one of the crimes that are being committed every day and every minute against the Egyptians. God save us!"

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^Terrible video of the car driving over several people and then disappearing.



The disappeared Swedish reporter from Swedish Television, SVT was found, but severely injured with several cuts from knives. He was taken to a hospital in Cairo where he was examined. He is now lying in a room at the hospital protected by 2 Swedish policemen.


A Danish reporter and a camera man were attacked by thugs with clubs and knives while sitting in a car. He and the camera man were pulled out of the car and beaten, but the Egyptian army or Egyptian policemen came to their rescue.


Patrols are out in the streets looking for reporters and camera men.


Within the last couple of days, 6 reporters from Al Jazeera have been arrested.


I wish there were good news to report. :cry:



Some time ago, OBAMA said that "Mubarak is a wise man who we turn to for advice in several matters". Sad, but true.


Earlier today, MUBARAK had said (to the CNN or he was quoted on CNN) that he was tired of the situation and really wanted to resign, but he could not do that and leave Egypt in chaos.


On CNN someone had the impression that the army had taken over even though MUBARAK has not officially resigned, but Mubarak is an army man, and the vice president is an army man.


The Muslim Brotherhood has been invited to negotiations, but on Danish text-TV it said that the Muslim Brotherhood had refused a peace dialogue and negotiations with the Egyptian state and opposition parties.


Earlier today, the vice president was on TV. He said that the Muslim Brotherhood had been invited, but was reluctant to participate.



An Egyptian TV REPORTER, AMIN at NILE TV quit - she was tired of the government's propaganda and censorship. She was no longer able to tell the truth, so she quit and she feels good about it.



From CNN: 2 Amnesty International representatives were detained when they were at the Mubarak Centre. They were accused of being terrorists and were taken to an unknown destination!

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Personally I think Western Media .. facebook groups have stirred this up even more.

We need to be more mindful before interfering or making comments about how another country runs it house.

No one can dare say anything about US and some Euro countries, as we seem to think we are above them, maybee we are not !!

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