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Coldplay in Bang mag!!


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I bought 'Bang' mag today - there is an article but it's not worth typing up completely because it's not actually an interview with the boys, it's just opinions of music industry 'insiders'. There's also an interview with the directors of the DVD, which I will type up. I'll give you the best of the article:


It starts with a description of Chris at uni, how he was very intelligent and awkward, wore scruffy clothes and only ever talked about being in a band. He hung out with Guy, Jonny and Will all the time and neglected his girlfriend and how they were all surprised when they found out the band was good. It then describes them being signed to Fierce Panda, making the EP's then signing with Parlophone, playing Glastonbury and going top 5 with Yellow and number 1 with Parachutes.


It then describes how CP broke America whilst other bands have not. A music 'insider' (apparently they couldn't give their names) attributes their succcess to sheer hard work and ambition. He says that Oasis never won over America because they were too rude and didn't look as if they cared whether America liked them. The article then says that CP have sold 1.75 copies of 'Parachutes' and 2.5 million copies of 'AROBTTH' in America, whilst The Strokes only sold 900,000 of 'Is This It' and the White Stripes only 1 million of 'Elephant'. Coldplay has even out sold every Radiohead album in America, even OK Computer which sold 1.7 million (HTTT is currently on 723,000). CP's involment with charities is mentioned including their MakeTradeFair work and giving 10% of all profits away.


The article then inevitably turns to criticism from Alan McGee (AGAIN!!) and Liam Gallagher and praise from Justin Timberlake. It discusses how they split their royalties four-ways and if Chris thinks he should get more (I don't think he does, he's always been very strict about equality from what I've seen). They also discuss Chris' immense fame in comparison to the others relative anonimity and how Chris is the one being marketed. They also talk of the danger that Coldplay could ruin what they have by doing a Radiohead and not sticking with what they're good at. It finishes saying if they carry on the way they are they'll have a long career etc.




The interview with live footage director Russell Thomas:


"One of the things that struck me about Coldplay was how pleasant they were - they were so not rock stars. There's a strong intellectual element to them, which you can tell from their music. They're very interested in the way they're seen, so to them this was a big deal - this is their first DVD.


"The Horden Pavillion in Sydney is a very small venue, it holds about 6,000 people; I think they picked it to be small and intimate. The idea was that the feel of the film would develop throughout; it starts off quite intense, dark and moody and as it goes through it lightens up and you see more and more of the crowd, culminating in the encore when you see quite a lot of them. The band wanted it to have a theatrical feel to it; their remit was 'intimate going to expansive'.


"I wanted to give each individual song a different feel, so it's not promo-like but there is a distinct look to each track. There's lots of mixing and matching and different styles, but each one flows into the next one so you can watch the whole thing and it slots nicely together.


"As a live band their performance is much more gutsy than the music sounds on the CDs, so it actually lends itself to a degree of being more edgy with images. Chris Martin is quite animated on stage, and if you juxtapose that with imagery of more static stuff it gives a really powerful, emotional viewing. When you watch the DVD you'll also that there's an intensity about him that actually is part of the charm - an intensity about all of the band, actually - and at times you get a sense of humour from it too, which I liked.


"When you're on stage you have no idea of how you look, because you're performing, so to see it from a different angle, looking back at the stage, is a totally different experience. When the band saw the finished project I think they were pleasantly surprised by it."


Interview with Tour Diary director John Durrant


"When we joined them in Madrid, playing a bull ring with sawdust on the floor, they had been touring for about a year and a half in total, and it was like being parachuted into a maelstrom of activity.


"We just hung out. I wanted it to be fly-on-the-wall stuff so the viewer wouldn't feel it was authored but that they were just being them. Having the intimacy of being on the tour bus and feeling some of the pressure they were under.


"The only agreement we had was, 'If you ever want me to stop filming, give me a wink or a nod and I'll stop' - for that reason, it was unspoken that Gwyneth Paltrow wouldn't really appear. They have private lives and we have to respect that, and they've been very brave letting cameras in to film something like this.


"As you'll see, Guy has a lovely innocence about him that's so unpretentious. They're all very talented musicians and I like the bits where you see Will jamming with them behind Earls Court. Chris has a genius inside him waiting to get out; it's bubbling under his skin all the time - he's in a room and it's just laughs and really good fun.


"We must have shot over 150 hours, 200 almost, and we had to whittle it down to 40 minutes. I'd like to have put in much more of the wit, and maybe a little more of the performances; there is a bigger film to be made of them. When I started I thought this was going to be a video diary sort of thing, but I think it could be a bit more like A Hard Day's Night.


"There's a little sting at the end. Because of a small security lapse at Red Rocks a fan got backstage, and said, 'The first time I saw you sing I cried,' and Chris goes, 'Oh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry', which was bizarre but lovely. At some point in superstardom these things start happening: the more we enjoy a band, seeing them backstage and knowing them more intimately, the more there's a fear that the closer you get to your audience, there's a slight danger there. They're treading the line when you become superstars and get opened out to all sorts of things."

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"We must have shot over 150 hours, 200 almost, and we had to whittle it down to 40 minutes. I'd like to have put in much more of the wit, and maybe a little more of the performances; there is a bigger film to be made of them.


i would have perfered 200 hours. :P

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Mimiiiiiii, thanks for sharing it with us, baby!!! :kiss:


The dvd director says that the Sidney Horden Pavillion "is a very small venue, it holds about 6,000 people"... :o That's a small venue for him???


I know!!!


He also says that Guy is innocent - I find that hard to believe :sneaky: :sneaky: ;)

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Yes! Thanx for sharing!

Yeah, I saw the part in the end where the fan caught up to Chris and started talking to him. He seemed kinda freaked out about it. It was kinda weird that they just stuck that in in the end of the DVD. I was wondering why they did that..

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They also talk of the danger that Coldplay could ruin what they have by doing a Radiohead and not sticking with what they're good at.


God, what the hell is he talking about? :angry: Somehow the writer obviously is ignorant to the fact that Radiohead have hardly been a failure since their transformation with kid a. Secondly if bands 'stick to what they are good at' they just die away. They have to grow and evolve in order to stay relevant, interesting and exciting. I mean where would u2 be if they 'stuck to what they were good at?'


Coldplay need to go to the places where they feel they should go no matter what any industry paid critics will tell us.


Ok, end of rant :P

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