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Coldplay Graffiti Sightings

Cheese Nip 2

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I know it would happen at some point! Today I was walking in the park and sprayed on a tree was "CK". It could have nothing to do with Coldplay or....well, you know. Maybe there are some other fans in my town....


Has anyone else seen any Coldplay releated graffiti popping up in their neighborhood?

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Coldplay wouldn't like the idea of doing something like that.

I can see Chris saying "Fuck man, don't make this fucking thing! OH Fuck!".

Jhonny would say "...............................................".


And Guy would laugh too..... when the cops arrive...

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I want to go underneath this bridge in my town and do a giant MX. I mean if it's in a graffiti'd spot then I'm sure they'd appreciate it, I wouldn't go and do it on the side of city hall now... Send it in to the exhibition room thing.


that sounds really cool :awesome:

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